A single point of truth to drive business-wide impacts

When it comes to informing the direction of your organization, you’re only as good as the information you have. With Multiview, everyone gets a timely, accurate and complete view of financial data from the same source so they can better understand risks and opportunities — and make better go-forward decisions.

Get better insights into all your operations


Use our full suite of financial tools, including a full general ledger, financial reporting, business intelligence, and budgeting with your data.

Integrated applications

Bring our applications and any external data source together with ViewSource 360 so you can see and use all your data in the same place.

Low cost of use

Low license fees and support costs, as well as a cloud version of our software, help you minimize your outlay and speed up your ROI.

Manage your cash flow with confidence

  • Business intelligence

    Get a real-time, accurate and complete view of all your financial information in one easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Budgeting and forecasting

    Make decisions with confidence with accurate budgeting and forecasting for your short- and long-term goals.

  • Secure document management

    Attach documents directly to your transactions and adjust your security settings to control who sees them.


Put your numbers to work

Cookie-cutter financial accounting solutions stopped working for Member First Mortgage several years ago. Forecasting, an essential component for any mortgage company, was difficult. Up-to-date financials took a long time to develop. Developing accurate numbers across different business lines were next to impossible.
The Michigan-based company risked falling behind its competitors if it didn’t find a custom financial solution to help it make the critical business decisions needed to stay ahead.

But Multiview’s custom financial accounting solution changed that.

Now John Worthington, the company’s CFO, is putting numbers to work for him. He can quickly compile the data he needs from business units across the company to make the strategic decisions that keep Member First Mortgage thriving – all while saving employee time that can be better put to use on developing insights he can use.

From the first interaction to the implementation and maintenance of the new solution, Multiview offered the attention and commitment First Mortgage needed.

“The other guys kind of blew us off,” says Worthington. “Multiview was small enough that I got an intimate relationship with our business developer.”

1 number of full-time equivalent positions saved as a result of using Multiview

almost 0 amount of overtime in the accounting department after switching to Multiview

8 number of accounting software companies Member First looked at before choosing Multiview

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