Increased organizational efficiency at your fingertips

With tight deadlines and expectations to deliver better results, what you need is not more time or people but a better system. With Multiview, budgeting and forecasting is fully integrated so you get a reliable, holistic view of data that helps you stay ahead of changing reporting demands.

Giving financial managers more control

Efficient implementation

Our implementation team brings together developers and data experts to choose the features you need and train your team how to use them to maximize productivity.

Seamless integration

Access the information you need in an instant with a full suite of integrated applications, so you can stop chasing numbers and start using them.

Reduced downtime

Have your questions answered by our support staff who understand accounting and know the system to get your team back to work quickly.

Put an end to late-night month ends

  • Accounts payable 
and receivable

    Enhance your control of incoming receipts and outgoing payments with customizable system functions for your unique requirements.

  • Visual workflow

    Set up and monitor your review processes and automatically route tasks and assignments to the right member of your team. Visual workflow allows you to easily update for new processes.

  • Asset management

    Exercise tight financial controls, minimize tax liabilities and maintain flexibility with streamlined tangible and intangible asset management.


Save time, money and paper

Calculating financials used to be a struggle for Newport Harbor Corporation. Producing reliable numbers took hours of effort and countless spreadsheet tabs.

Now, thanks to Multiview, Sherrill Atasay and her team aren’t just accounting. They’re putting numbers to work for them.

Multiview has allowed the company, and its 16 different business units, to quickly check up on the organization’s financial health and understand what’s impacting it.

Expense reports, journal entries and invoices¬ can all be quickly and easily entered. That’s saved the company time that can now be put to use where it belongs – making better business decisions.

“Multiview has saved so much time in so many different areas of our business,” said Sherrill Atasay, the company’s Controller. “It has allowed us to stop pushing paper around and spend more time doing business-critical activities and analysis for our company.”

1 minute amount of time it takes to get up-to-date, reliable financial numbers with Multiview

1 number of queries to get a complete financial picture across 16 different business units

15 number of filing cabinets Newport Harbor Corporation has eliminated going paperless with Multiview

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