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Dealing with invoices and overseeing payments often means being at the mercy of other people. With Multiview, you can unlock day-to-day efficiencies with automated processes and simplified, integrated data management you control — so you can bring as much value to your team as possible.

Make your software do the heavy lifting

Effective implementation

Get training throughout the implementation process to use our software more efficiently, reduce downtime and maximize all features.

Integrated applications

Find all the tools you need to get the job done integrated into one software suite.

Customer support

Have your questions answered within an hour by our support staff who understand accounting and know the system.

Put your data to work for you

  • Automated workflow

    Receive approvals more efficiently with constant visibility into authorization and review processes.

  • Purchase orders

    Manage purchases, receipts and invoices with an in-depth purchasing and commitment management system.

  • Seamless integration

    Drill into details and stop chasing paper with all the information you need available in a single click.



Dig deeper into your transactions

“It’s more than just our accounting system. I use Multiview for 99% of my information and data analysis needs, and it’s 100% reliable. The information from our other systems are viewed in ViewSource 360. For smaller hospitals, bringing our hospital system data into Multiview is a real benefit.

The workflows in Multiview means that managers can attach invoices directly from emails and have the payment transaction follow the correct review and approval channels. We can monitor the progress of these, there’s no lost paperwork and the auditors love it too.

We introduced Multiview’s budgeting product last year and it was great. This year, with additional data, staff are excited about being able to see the underlying transactions that influence their budget assumptions. They can make scratchpad notes and see their budgets change dynamically.

Their support is great, and Chris is the best. My team and I have used support at times, and we never have to wait to hear back.

All our staff are very attached to Multiview. Even our CFO, who doesn’t use the product every day, sees the value that Multiview brings to the hospital’s operations and the team, and he’s a big supporter.”

– Theresa Tabor, Controller, Mt. Ascutney Hospital

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